Donattella Viscontti

Donattella Viscontti


Ms. Donattella Viscontti

Date of Birth:

29 April

Place of Birth:









"Jeffrey Jefferson" on right collarbone; "Mia Victoria" on left collarbone; Star on right side of lower abdomen; Right shoulder; Right lower arm and right hand; Full left arm; Right thigh; Script on left thigh

Hello dear, my name is Donattella and I am Venezuelan. I had to emigrate from my country and now I have been in Spain for a long time. I have Italian and African origins that is why I have such beautiful skin and these clear blue eyes. I run an association for immigrants from social exclusion and thanks to Spain I can help many people who are persecuted in my country for being homosexual or transsexual. I don't have a boyfriend but I do have a lot of friends. I like to party in my spare time and sometimes work as a gogo in the discos. I love showing my body and having guys look at me with the desire to fuck me. I live in Barcelona and I love going to the beach to sunbathe and swim in the waves. I hope you liked it and I look forward to seeing you very soon. Kisses

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